Uber Drivers Reveal The Scariest Situations They've Encountered

Uber Drivers Reveal The Scariest Situations They've Encountered

The stories are reflective of a tiny minority of Uber and Lyft rides, but for many drivers, the harrowing tales of fellow chauffeurs brutally beaten, robbed, or even killed, are always front of mind.

One of the stories from a Business Insider article is shared here.

Amanda, a driver in Las Vegas

"It was 2:30 on a Friday night ,or Saturday morning rather, when I got a request for a 45+ minute ride," he said in a[n interview. "Normally it's worth it at this time because there's no traffic. When I got to the ping, there was no one there so I called the guy who said he was walking down the road. Sure enough, I spotted him and he hopped in. I instantly felt uncomfortable. He said he wanted to go to the Hollywood sign to party all night. I should have ended the ride right there.

"As we were approaching the freeway, I realized I was going to need gas, so I pulled in to fill up. When I got back in the car, he had canceled the trip. He said he would pay me $100 if I drove him and stayed to party with him for a few hours, and $100 more to drive him home. I told him that was illegal and he needed to get out of my vehicle, but he didn't listen. When I told him again, he started swearing and screaming at me like a mad man. I opened his door to help him out of my car and he got even angrier. He punched me in the face and I fell backward.

"Fortunately, a tow truck driver was in the station and witnessed the incident. He came over to assist and luckily he was a big man. He dragged the passenger out of my car and held him in an arm lock while I called the police.

"I contacted Lyft, who said they would deactivate him and investigate. Still, I was too unsettled to drive for a few days. I'm very glad that tow truck driver was there.

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