Drivers Are Quickly Crowdfunding Their Local Rideshare Startups

Drivers Are Quickly Crowdfunding Their Local Rideshare Startups

In August, Uber and Lyft threatened to leave California because of the state's Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) bill which seeks to reclassify all their drivers as employees. The duopoly insists that they treat their drivers fairly as independent contractors and should not be forced to convert all their drivers into employees. Over 70% of drivers agree with the fact that they want to preserve their 100% flexibility of earning by driving at anytime and do not want to become employees, but they do not agree with Uber's business model and treatment of their workforce.

A California appeals court judge has since then granted the two companies an emergency stay. This means that the injuction which was going to forcefully reclassify all their drivers did not go into effect because the companies could not afford to make their drivers into employees and instead chose to withdraw operations from the entire state. The court is now reviewing Uber and Lyft's appeal to overturn the trial court’s ruling. Oral arguments in the case are set for this October.

Over 200,000 drivers in California were shocked to learn that their jobs were suddenly at an existential threat. This news came right when rides were starting to pick up after the mandatory COVID-19 shutdowns in the California state and nationwide. If the AB5 law passes in California and converts all drivers as employees, all states in the midwest will also look to adopt this as the new ridesharing law of the nation. Full-time drivers would be immediately employed while most part-time drivers will lose one of their key sources of income.

How do drivers in North Dakota & Minnesota feel about Uber and this recent news?

The duopoly's decision to leave the state completely has lead to very high uncertainty and many drivers strongly believe that the company will do anything to prioritize profits over choosing better treatment of drivers. Most part-time drivers don't want to be employees themselves but they do not see Uber proposing any popular solutions to the problem and are only lobbying against this bill. We spoke with drivers in North Dakota and Minnesota to understand in detail what they really think of Lyft and you can find the detailed interaction here in our article. Drivers consistenly said that the company will never willingly take an initiative to solve all the glaring problems that drivers are protesting for and have a clear bias for their riders.

There is a new alternative to Uber in the Midwest called Super.

Super is a new ridesharing app helping drivers earn more after the pandemic. Super treats drivers as true independent contractors under this AB5 bill and takes a small 5% commission compared to Uber's 20-25% on every ride. Uber also takes additional service and booking fees which frequently increases their cut to 25-50% of the entire fare but Super takes 0% in additional fees meaning cheaper rides for all our passengers while they also contribute towards boosting the economic recovery of all drivers.

Drivers are given more control over their driving and wages by using an in-app voting platform where they can vote as a majority to control their per-mile rates in the city. Our signed up drivers have provided us with excellent insights into daily problems with drivers and you can learn more about what we aim to offer on the driver page of our website.

When Can I Start Driving For Super?

You can sign up to drive on our website and we have 100-200 drivers signed up and ready to drive in the Midwest.

Though, to launch a ridesharing app in North Dakota & Minnesota we need to first acquire a TNC permit. We have completed all the legal requirements for the permit except an insurance premium which is required to be paid upfront to launch the app. To fund this premium, we are opening a unique investment opportunity for all drivers in the midwest to become more involved with Super.

Driver Crowdfund To Grow Super:

We are raising $250,000 to launch in the midwest and afford the insurance premium required by the TNC permit. To get more drivers involved in the business and to give them a voice in the operations, we are opening this round to a driver crowdfund. We have been seeing very high interest for this opportunity and we already have $50,000 committed towards our goal in less than a week.

You can get started here -

Alternative to equity stake:

If you prefer an immediate return on your investment than equity, we have a referral network you can join. Once you invest, you will begin earning 2.5% from our 5% commission on all rides until you earn back three times 3X your investment.

Learn more here -

5% Referral Opportunity:

If you would like to see Super launch faster you can refer this investment opportunity to other drivers or investors who may be intersted. You can route more drivers to this opportunity and we will pay you a 5% referral fee of the invested amount.

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