Massachusetts Sued Uber & Lyft Over Driver Misclassification

Massachusetts Sued Uber & Lyft Over Driver Misclassification

Uber and Lyft control the rates together and all other rules without real advice or majority vote from Drivers. 'Drivers are employees.'

Following California, Massachusetts is now filing a lawsuit against Uber and Lyft which says that the companies have misclassified their Drivers for years as independent contractors rather than employees. They join the list of states that are trying to change the way Uber and Lyft control the ridesharing market.

“For years Uber and Lyft have built their billion-dollar businesses on a model that exploits drivers,” Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said in a video message announcing the lawsuit. “Uber and Lyft set the rates. They alone set the rules. Drivers are employees.”

California recently tried to force Uber into re-classifying their Drivers as employees within weeks of filing a lawsuit but have seen absolutely no progress. Uber simply retaliated and continues to stick to its previous model of claiming it actually has 'zero' drivers and will continue taking a 25% commission from the their 0 drivers and huge additional fees from millions of riders.

Their ultimate goal is showing investors a clear path to profitability during these uncertain times and and prove that Uber is still a growth company with a huge potential for the future.

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