Super Will Launch In Minnesota In 2021

Super Will Launch In Minnesota In 2021

From California To Minnesota

UC Davis students in California frequently look for an Uber from university to San Francisco and the Bay Area. From airport rides to events the main issue is the price of the ride which averages $100 - $150 pushing students to find other options like Amtrak or getting their own car. When I was majoring in Computer Science at Davis, I wanted to attend the tech events in San Francisco every week but the two-way price of the ride was never affordable for me. I looked into the business model of Uber and other mobility options near me and I realized that if I just save the Uber driver's contact on my phone I would save 25% of the ride cost, taken by Uber in fees and commissions. Uber is a simple marketplace between the drivers and the riders and it didn't make sense to me why the commissions were so high if I am only being connected to a nearby driver.

On top of the 25% fees, Uber also charges additional fees to the rider which frequently increases Uber's total take to around 40-50%. The realization that I may have sometimes paid half my fare to Uber for finding me a Driver made me dig into the company more and lead me to the finding that the company is in large accumulated losses and has been rushing to show a path to profitability for investors. They clearly said in their S1 filing that as they "aim to reduce driver incentives to improve our financial performance, we expect driver dissatisfaction will generally increase." It was a tough time for Uber's financial condition in 2019 and have now worsened and future uncertain due to the impact of COVID19 shutdowns all over the world.

The U.S shutdown caused upto an 80% drop in rides in major cities in 2020 and as of August 2020 it was not clear when the 'New Normal' will allow citizens to travel safely and Drivers to begin earning regular wages because the ride-hailing companies have also undergone huge losses during the shutdown period. Driver dissatisfaction will almost certainly increase now with a high possibility of increased commissions, larger additional fees, California's AB5 bill, higher carpool prices and a list of other problems due to the the severely dislocated transportation industry.

What can anyone do though? Is there a better app?

THERE IS NO BETTER SOLUTION and so I am starting a new ride-hailing startup called SUPER which helps Drivers earn more after the pandemic. Super takes a 5% commission from the fare of each ride and charges 0% in additional fees meaning rides are naturally cheaper. Drivers are encouraged to grow the network because of higher earnings and because they will keep an 5% of the first 100 rides completed by the referred Driver. This 5% will be on top of the one taken by Super. Riders will also be given a better carpool option where they can find people trying to share a long ride to the airport or city event on a later day.

We also treat our Drivers as true independent contractors under the test of the AB5 bill and help them voice their opinions through a voting system and first decide their per-mile rates in the city as a majority. Drivers understand that it will take a collaborative effort to grow this app and are helping us co-create the network by referring to other drivers in the city and their own Uber passengers daily. To help boost the economic recovery of Drivers you only have to make a small change in the way you book your rideshare driver.

Switch To Super.

We will be launching in Minnesota first; check out the Minnesota and North Dakota sections for more articles and information.


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