Why Should Uber Drivers Also Drive For Super?

Why Should Uber Drivers Also Drive For Super?

How is Super treating drivers better and helping drivers earn more?

Drivers in Fargo can download the Super app and use it as an add-on when driving daily for Uber and Lyft. When you get a ride on the app, you get a notification, you switch back to Super, and accept a ride which will pay you 95% of the entire fare.

The 4 most prominent benefits from driving for Super:

1) Small 5% commission

Uber takes a 20%+ commission in San Francisco. With additional fees that commission can go up to 55% of the whole fare.

Super takes a flat 5% commission of the whole fare. Once we reach enough drivers in the city, we will reduce it further to 2.5%.

2) True Independent Contractors

Uber is constantly blamed for treating their drivers as employees instead of true independent contractors. The AB5 bill hopes to bring justice to Drivers.

Super offers drivers full independence status under the ABC test of the AB5 bill. We will use a voting system to help majority drivers in the city control their rates and the size of discounts given to new riders.

Drivers can vote to change the pricing every 3 months and can also use the system voice their opinions on major policies such as California’s AB5 bill itself to see a real vote and get real feedback from all Drivers.

3) Benefits for Drivers

Uber treats their drivers like employees but does not provide them with any employee benefits.

Super treats drivers like independent contractors but still aims to provide them with employee like benefits.

We are partnering with companies to provide our drivers with health benefits, car finances, legal assistance, alternate forms of income, chat and discussions forums, and more.

4) More Forms of Income

Uber aims to replace their drivers with their self-driving technology.

Super aims to save the drivers from the self-driving revolution by adding more jobs that drivers can complete with their cars. These jobs include the following and will continue to grow:

  1. Food & Grocery Delivery

  2. Medicine & Cannabis Delivery

  3. Package Delivery

  4. Private Hire & Rent your car

Switch to Super. Sign up to drive:

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