Why should Riders Check Super Before Uber?

Why should Riders Check Super Before Uber?

Why should the riders care?

Riders can download the Super app and hail a ride within seconds. You will be able to hail a ride which matches your regular ride-hailing experience. We ensure during these crucial times that all our Drivers are following the CDC recommended guidelines to maintain a hygienic travel experience for our riders.

There are 3 main reasons why you should consider switching to Super.

1) Low Fees

Other companies charge very high fees as a means of reaching profitability and keep 100% of this fees. We charge much lower fees because we take a 0% cut and pay 100% of it to the Driver to help boost their economic recovery after the COVIVD-19 shutdown.

2) High Focus on Hygiene & Safety

Through our partnership with DisplayRide, we aim to enforce higher safety standards for our top Drivers and our Drivers are strictly checked to be following CDC recommended guidelines to maintain a secure community.

3) Help Boost Economic Recovery For Drivers

If you use the Super app over Uber, you will see a cheaper or similar priced ride but your Driver you get a similar priced ride but your driver will earn 20% to 40% higher. After the devastating COVID-19 shutdown, by making a simple switch to Super you can directly impact the recovery of the US economy.

Check Super for nearby drivers before checking other apps.

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